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Department of Lands and Natural Resource: The Department continues to convey its appreciation to the funding agencies (US Forest Service – Region 5) for their continuous support of our Forestry Programs in the CNMI.  As the acting department head, I assure you that we remain firm to assist and support our federally granted programs towards the preservation, protection and conservation of our natural resources.

As history portrayed, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands underwent many changes and direction to manage its fragile forest ecosystem.  However, the Department of Lands and Natural Resources is specifically tasked with the responsibility of protecting and enhancing the natural resources of the islands and for maintaining and providing the best management practices while dealing with fragile resource.

Meeting this additional obligation to the Department, the CNMI Government through DLNR established the Forestry Section under the Division of Agriculture.  This section has up-held that responsibility in providing more ground activities and direct involvement of various clienteles, while emphasizing the departments mandated mission (the protection, management, wise use and improvement of forest resources throughout the CNMI).

Forest are of critical importance in sustaining wildlife habitat, water, soil, food, medicinal herbs, fuel, fiber and many other resources that our island people and island culture are highly dependent on.  Therefore, as Secretary of DLNR, I will continue to support this section and its program as long as it meets all federal guidelines and complies with the approved farm bill as mandated by the US Congress, while meeting our guidelines as deem needed by the US-Forest Service and other funding agencies.

Presently, the CNMI Forestry continues to receive about 20 percent of its funding through in-kind matching and contribution as budgeted under the division's Fiscal Year Award as appropriated by the CNMI Legislature.  Eighty percent of its funding is from the Federal Financial Assistance Grant, made available under the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act of 1978.

Mr. Victor Deleon-Guerrero, Jr., CNMI Forester:

Welcome to the CNMI-Forestry website, made possible by the forestry staff and Here we offer pertinent information of our CNMI-Forestry Programs and other programs under the Division of Agriculture.  These programs under Forestry alone, are guided with a mission as created and approved under the Farm Bill 2008; Conserve Working Forest Lands, Protect Forests from Harm and Enhance Public Benefits from Trees and Forests. 

These missions challenges lands and natural resource managers and cooperators to balance the needs for economic development while protecting our fragile ecosystems. Working together harmoniously, WE can and WE will meet both demands on an equal level.

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